Race Officials

The below mentioned positions are MiniGP Officials. Those filling these positions at each event are representing MiniGP and their instructions must be followed when participating in any MiniGP event.

Race Director – The Race Director shall be in charge of overseeing all aspects of the event. This can include but is not limited to preliminary track preparation and event schedule. The Race Director makes the final verdict on all matters concerning the event including but not limited to registration, rider classification, current license status, protests or penalties, technical inspections, appeals, and disqualifications.

Track Marshall – The Track Marshall is responsible for maintaining a safe racetrack by observing all track incidents. It is the job of the Track Marshall to make sure all practice and qualification sessions run according to MiniGP protocol. The Track Marshall will be in charge of aligning the grid for each race, overseeing the starting procedure, and realigning the grid in case of a red flag restart. The Track Marshall will make rulings on all starting infractions such as false starts. Also, the Track Marshall will coordinate all the corner marshals and their activities.

Chief Technical Inspector – The Chief Technical Inspector is responsible to ensure that all motorcycles meet the minimum safety requirements set forth by MiniGP in the Technical Requirements section. It will also be the Chief Technical Inspector’s duty to make rulings on all technical protests.

Registration Director – The Registration Director shall handle all aspects of registration and dispersion of transponders (if being used). It is the job of the Registration Director to make sure all racers are registered for the appropriate class.

Chief of Timing and Scoring – The Chief of Timing and Scoring will be in charge of timing all qualifying sessions and provide the grid sheets. Also, the Chief of Timing and Scoring shall time and score all of the main events. No racer shall contact or discuss a scoring issues with the Chief of Timing and Scoring without the prior approval of the Race Director.

Corner Marshals – The Corner Marshals will be in charge of flagging their assigned portion of the track. They are under the guidance and directions of the Track Marshal.